My name is Martin Štefanko. I work as a software engineer at Red Hat. My work covers mostly middleware technologies with a particular interest in a microservices architecture.

I am currently positioned in the Red Hat’s middleware sustaining engineering team which allows me to work on technologies like WildFly or JBoss EAP application servers, Quarkus, Thorntail, etc. Working on the application server also allows me to continually contribute to projects like RESTEasy, Hibernate, or Weld.

However, my main interests right now are microservices with particular focus in Java. I am an active contributor to the Eclipse MicroProfile project. My main areas of interest are MicroProfile Long Running Actions (LRA) and MicroProfile Health. I am also contributing the Red Hat’s implementation of these specifications, namely the Narayana transaction manager for the LRA and SmallRye project for Health (and other MicroProfile specifications).

Lately, I am also starting with my contributions to the Eclipse Jakarta EE project. I plan to focus mainly on the transactions area thus the Jakarta Transactions project.

Even if my interest is placed around Java EE (Enterprise Edition) world, from time to time I also work with Spring framework, mostly with Spring Boot.

How to reach me

You can reach me on Twitter, GitHub or LinkedIn.